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Both models are made with the same high-performance urethane, Ricochetane. The Rool Glide 77a, in addition to being slightly softer and wider, has a ventilated hub, wich is positioned centerset. With that they are wheels with a lot of grip and ideal for high speeds, being more used in downhill. The Rool 80a are slightly narrower and have an offset cube, giving more straight lines and a little less grip. They can be used for a strong freeride or downhill on hills with few curves. Both are excellent for cruising and pumping, and in long distance pumping setups  (LDP) the Rool 80a are in the front and the Rool 77a in the rear.

Yes! Everything related to Rool is thought and designed in Brazil. However, as our goal is to develop products with the highest possible quality worldwide, at times we need to use technologies that are better developed in other countries. For this reason, we manufacture our wheels in the USA.

Long Distance Pumping or “LDP” is a longboard modality in which the skater is able to move through zigzag movements (better known as pumping) without having to put his feet on the ground frequently. Rool develops gear specific to this modality, such as Rool Glide wheels and P&S Diamond trucks. It is in our plans to develop a complete setup for the modality soon.

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