What is Pumping?

Pumping is a longboard modality or technique in which the skater can through zigzag movements cover good distances without the need to place his feet on the ground frequently. Elite athletes ride many miles in a single day. Pumping is very associated with surfing movements, and many practitioners enter the sport with the aim of having in this type of skateboard a sensation similar to surfing a wave, but with the ease and practicality of being able to practice the sport on any bike path, street or paved space. Pumping was created by practitioners of other modalities who had the desire to ride long distances. This purpose was gradually achieved and improved using a combination of existing parts on the market in an original way or with some adaptation to facilitate the continuous zigzag movement by skateboarding and the generation of impulse and speed with this movement. However, very few companies produce specific parts for the sport, which makes acquiring a longboard focused on pumping a difficult and meticulous job. It is often necessary to import parts that are not available in Brazil, and it is usually necessary adaptations that involve sanding and replacing parts of the shafts, such as their central screw and shock absorbers, change their angles and insert spherical bearings to increase the fluidity of movements. 

Rool proposes to produce and sell parts ready for use of great quality and for a fair price, starting with wheels and trucks.