My name is Evandro, I am from Taquari – Rio Grande do Sul and have lived in Florianópolis for a long time! Skateboarding has been present in my life forever, 11 years ago I started downhill and never stopped! I always try to have the most fun when I’m walking, I try to explore new hills with friends, always trying to go as fast as possible!


My name is Douglas Silva, Dalua, 37 years old, born in São Leopoldo-RS. In 20 years as a professional skater I won 4 times the South American circuit, 6 times the Brazilian championship, 5 times the Gaúcho championship and twice the world circuit, all in the Open / professional category. In 2018 I accomplished the greatest achievement of my life, I became the first skateboarder in history to win 2 open and MASTER rankings. Skateboarding for me is my lifestyle, a sport that made me know all continents on its wheels. I saw all generations of Brazilian skaters passing by and I am still here alive and strong taking the flag of skateboard around the world.


I am Yan Bertinati, 23 years old, student of Physical Education. I was born in the city of Portão and I live in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul. I practice downhill skateboarding since I was 14 years old and since then this sport has become my passion, my style of life. I divide my time between studying, working and dedicating myself to the next race, giving my all in all my practices, so that each day I can improve and be among the best. In just 4 years of competition, I became two-time world and South American champion in the intermediate category and achieved professionalization in Brazil. Five years later, I accumulated some more achievements being the main achievement in 2019, winning the long-awaited Brazilian championship. Enough time to learn from difficulties, to have love for what I do and to realize that everything you hope for and struggle for will come to you.